The artist spot—Peekskill needs



We are an affiliate of Antonia Arts, an NPO dedicated to funding artistic creations, endeavors, and scholarships to professional and aspiring artists from underserved communities, and encouraging healthy living through the arts. Our founder, Scarlett Antonia, has worked in this community for twenty years. Overall, we are dedicated to supporting and fostering emerging artists in our community.  

What we can offer you:

 Gain knowledge about the creative, visual, and performing arts, while also learning new

administrative, producing/theater production, technological, instructional, managerial, and analytical skills

 Meet a variety of professional and experienced artists and innovators, while being invited to high-quality classes, events, performances/showcases, workshops, seminars, and more

 Enhance your resume

 Gain letters of recommendation

 Hours are flexible, and we can accommodate your schedule

 One hour of work equals one class/event and studio use at a discounted price

Work-Study Tasks (you will be trained to carry out the following):

 Database organization and management

Website updates, digital print flyers, brochures, weekly email blasts, and social media


 Event planning and organizing. You will also be responsible for assisting with our in-

house events and productions (ushering, setting up tables, cleaning space, setting up

decorations, etc.)

 Customer service and front-desk work

 Standard administrative work: organizing files, keeping space clean, scanning

documents, organizing supplies and overseeing/recording inventory, etc.

 Filming and photographing class/event footage for future marketing use

High school upper-classman, college students, and other community residents who want to

bolster their resumes are encouraged to apply. Internships are unpaid, but community service

letter will be provided. Tasks and responsibilities will be distributed based on availability,

experience, and interest.