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full (Adult and Youth) Weekly Schedule


12:00---2:00 pm Music video productions with John Darling 

5:30---6:30 pm Zumba with Suzi (Rental)

6:00---9:00 pm Open Mic.for Musicians (at Studio 2; The Bean Runner). Every second Monday of the month-


6:00---7:00 pm Hula-Hoops for Fitness with WestchesterHoopTroupe

7:00 pm---7:30 pm Intro to Tap Dancin with Scarlett Antonia 

7:30---8:45  pm Adult Ballet Beg./intermediate levels


7:00---9:30 pm Life Drawing hosted by PAA occurs every 2nd Wednesday  

7:00---9:00 pm Special Workshops TBA

improv and more


3;00---3:45 pm Creative Movement  

5-6 Yrs.  TBA

4:00---5:30 pm Youth Class TBA 

7:30 --pm WiZ Kidz/Youth  Ozical with  Faculty under direction of Scarlett Antonia 


4:00---5:30 pm Wiz kidz in rehearsal for the OZICAL June 2020 Sing Dance Act faculty and Scarlett Antonia 

7:30---10:00 pm Open Mic (first Friday of the month here at The Artist Spot)



10:30--11z;30 Zumba with Suzi 

12:00--3:00 Jazz Music Workshop with 

Ray Blue 

3:00--4:00 Youth Ballet 7yrs--12yrs Scarlett Antonia 

4:00--4:30 Beg. Youth Tap 7yrs --12Yrs 

Scarlett Antonia 



12:00---2:00pm  Poetry Circle (prompt-based composition sharing lead by Chloe Kuhl)

2:00---4:00 pm   Special Events  OZICAL REHEARSALS TBA*

Prestige Performance packages

3 -- 12 month programs  developed specific for the age, talent level, interest, and desired goals. The classes, private coaching, management and performance opportunities set the student on a focused path finding "WHO AM I ?' by reaching desired goals and dreams. 

class information

youth classes and performance Showings

Youth training sessions are  8-10  weeks, that culminate in a studio showing for friends and family. Special technique classes are offered in theater and dance. These sessions also include a introduction to production elements of graphic design, program lay outs, audience developent, lights, and sound.The creative elements of design for costumes,  sets, choreogrpahy  and writing will also be included.


Yourh Open MIc Event opportunities for all ages provide a rehearsal and coaching with Scarlett Antonia  with a Open Mic Performance  at The Bean Runner/The Artist Spot. That is how Grace Vanderwaal got started.

adult/ youth introduction to tap dancin and Beg/Intermediate classical Ballet

Swing by and enjoy our beginner tap dancing classes.  Lots of fun that you can enjoy for many years, no matter what your age. Develop your thinking skills while keeping your body active and moving with a creative  techniqoue  based on sound and rhythm. 

Ballet Classe provides the foundation for all dance and movement forms. Perfect for Adults and youth.Develop co-ordination, alignment, mind/body skills, discipline, music appreciation, and the enjoyment of self accomplishmnet. 

Wiz Kidz

Learn how to make creative  choices along with learning the techniques required in the  performing arts. Become a full performer in life or on stage/film. Your foundation will be  techniques learned for successs and self empowerment with performance and creative opportunities.

Sing, Act, Dance, Write, Draw --Create --

Express yourself in performance for a stronger sense of  who you are. 

The best learning ground  is in the experience of doing. Rehearsainog and Performing will provide that opportunity in a safe space develop the unique You.  

Poetry Writing Circle/ Workshop Sundays 12:00-2:00

Our poetry workshop will be offered for writers with  some previous experience.  This course will explore the technical side of poetic composition, as well as the unique creativity of the writer.

OPEN CLASS FOR adult ballet Tuesdays 7:30--8:45

Scarlett Antonia a highly-qualified professional teacher, offers adult ballet classes, that will emphasize technique, musicality, movement-dynamics, artistry, coordination, balance, flexibility, and more for the  Mind, Body, and Spirit. 


TUESDAYS  6:00--7:00 

Westchester HOOP TROUPE presents

this unique and fun way to 

improve one's strength, coordination, and stamina with Hoop dancin. 

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The Artist Spot offers a safe place to create, experience, learn and share.

If you want to go further engage in the Performance Packages and Managment Opportunities . All  talent levels and age groups are welcome . Special Scholarhips are available based on need,desire and perspective talent.

LATEST OFFERINGs . Break dance classes wednesdays 4:30--5:30 wiz Kidz starting fridaoys 4:00-5:30 i

testimonials "A safe place for you to create on a blank Canvas".

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What is the Artist Spot?

A Place where diversity comes together in harmony to create--- while being in the moment and  sharinog with others.