The Healthy Artist Intiative

an INITIATIVE aimed at making our community healthier under our Non-Profit Antonia arts, inc

Being an artist can come with its challenges. When in the throes of a long rehearsal or project we can forget to take a breather or eat... we fail to engage in self-care. That aspect—compounded by the pressure/demands put on us (by bosses, a script, choreographer, performance, deadline, composition, audience members, or even ourselves) in an effort to fulfill an artistic vision—can result in diminished physical and emotional health. 

This is why we've formed the Healthy Artist Initiative, which will serve artists and non-artists alike. Our goals are the following: 

1) to provide free/low-cost, accessible, supplemental conditioning and wellness classes, events, and support groups available to artists (and non-artists); enhancing the collective wellbeing of our community. 

2) to invite artists and nonartists alike to channel their energy into different artistic outlets, and reap the benefits from those modules. 

3) promoting and creating a vibrant, supportive,  community through support groups, mentorships, and social functions, and, consequently, enhancing artistic networks and interdisciplinary connections. We offer an encouraging, safe space for creative expression. 

4) providing artists with education and tools that they can subsequently use to craft and refine their personal self-care practice. We also advocate for an increase in programs that benefit artists and the arts; programs like Dancers over 40 and Career Transition for Dancers. 

5) to offer a diverse array of classes and events; featuring different types of art and fitness/wellness practices. 

To achieve these goals, we require assistance. If you are interested in getting involved—volunteering to assist with these classes, or donating to our effort—email us at 

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